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Thank You For Joining Us At The Internal Communications Conference – Real Impact, Real Results | Take A Look At Some Of Our Sister Events Below!

The Driving Change Conference

A One-Day Practitioner-Led Conference & Networking Event, 12th September 2018, London. 
View agenda here | Book online.

Join 26 Cross-Sector, In-House Change Practitioners To Drive Next-Level, Sustained & Engaging Cultural & Organisational Change Strategies:

  1. Inspire Powerful & Sustained Employee Engagement: Boost motivation to win buy-in and truly embed long-term change business-wide
  2. Drive Long-Term Cultural Change: Maximise engagement and performance throughout the culture change journey
  3. Positive, Change-Ready Cultures & Behaviours: Successfully influence mindsets for engaged, motivated and change-ready colleagues
  4. Next-Level, Impactful Strategies & Models: Optimise project outcomes with flexible, collaborative change models and methods
  5. Critical Change Influencers – Adaptable Strategies For Uncertain Times… From Brexit and market change to changing expectations and diverse workforces to attracting generations of talent
  6. Empower & Engage Leaders To Drive Strong Communications: Best-practice approaches to ensure change messages are reaching and engaging colleagues and leaders
  7. Effective Digital Transformation & New Technology Opportunities: Overcome the challenges of transformational change and tech advancements to future-proof your change strategies
  8. Prove Impact, Win Buy-In, Drive Change Success: Effective techniques for demonstrating the positive outcomes and benefits of change
  9. Build Agile Organisational Capabilities: Meet the demands of changing organisational environments with agile, flexible, resilient workforces

The People Analytics Value-Adding HR Conference

A One-Day Practitioner-Led Conference, 19th September 2018, London. View agenda here | Book online.

Turn Your Data To Action With Understandable, Applicable Analytics & Insights; Master The Best Tools To Drive Organisational Decision-Making & Predict & Plan For The Future Of Your Evolving Workforce To Secure Senior Buy-In & Demonstrably Boost Your Absence, Turnover, Engagement & Talent Strategies:

  1. Turn Data Into Action & Accessible Insight: Drive organisational action and strategy from your data analysis for value-added HR
  2. Effortless Analytics With The Best, Proven Tools & Systems: Produce, analyse and visualise data for impactful analytics, people insights and storytelling
  3. Engage Senior Management, Secure Buy-In: Prove ROI when the value-added cannot always be translated to money to get support from the top
  4. Predictive Analytics – Get Ahead Of The Trends! Forecast future trends and behaviours to drive business solutions
  5. Benchmarking Absence, Turnover & Engagement: Uncover the real story and improve retention rates
  6. What Does The Future Of The Workforce Look Like? Anticipate the skills, needs and hiring requirements of the evolving workforce
  7. Get To Know Your Company’s Diversity, Generational & Gender Make-Up: Delve into workforce demographics to target disparity
  8. Unlock Your Workforce’s Talent & Boost Retention! Harness advanced analytics to inform talent and recruitment strategies and accelerate growth
  9. Discover Valuable Metrics & Set Appropriate Benchmarks: What should you really be measuring and comparing against to inform business strategies?